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Magnetism is the Ultimate Power Source

Magnetism can power our civilization. I am not the first person to say this and I won’t be the last. There is a small army of brilliant inventors and innovators around the world who have shattered the incomplete science that has been forced on the public at nearly every level since the early 1930’s. It is a tale of purposeful deceit designed to keep the potential of magnetism as an energy source invisible to the public mind.

The average guys and gals around the world who make everything and pay for everything are aware, intelligent and more than capable of understanding the fact that magnetism is a power source and the ramifications of that fact.

My advice to my fellow human beings who make everything and pay for everything is to learn the facts about magnetic energy then stop listening to the institutional “voices of authority” that come out of black boxes that try to control your perceptions and thinking.

Endless, clean, dirt-cheap, decentralized magnetic power means the end of environmental destruction. It will destroy the centralized power, fuel, water and food productions systems created by the ultra-greedy to turn you into a compliant slave. Power, fuel, water and food production will become local around the globe so nobody will be able to withhold these things from you to control you or murder you.

When one of us suffers we all suffer.  Magnetic power will raise standards of living and reduce human suffering on an unprecedented scale. It will also reduce the suffering we have inflicted on all the other living beings and species we share the earth with.

Freedom will ring like never before because all of us common folks around the world are united like never before and we are taking charge of our civilizations, nations and the earth and we are leaving the rotten souls who are driving the bus for the moment in the trash bin of history.

Paul B.