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Reviving Tesla’s Suppressed Discoveries

For most of my lifetime nearly everything written about Nikola Tesla is rehashed mythos and I have a problem with that. We have used very little of the knowledge he gave us and very few have risen to the challenge of striving to fundamentally understand Tesla’s best science and technology in the practical sense so we here in the 21st century can use it.

Much of Tesla’s work has been absconded with and will probably never be revealed to the public by the absconders but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t revive the theory and science behind his Colorado Springs and Warden Cliff ventures.

Tesla’s writings and interviews are replete with clues and evidence for people with the proper skill set to decipher his work.

Tesla always spoke, lectured and wrote at his level and with his terminology and with his meanings attached to his terminology. Since there wasn’t anyone else on the planet at his level no one tried to keep up. No one bothered to raise their intellectual game so they could understand what he was saying and that bit of laziness is on the public of his day and this day.

Everybody loves Tesla Coils and they are fun to play with but I guarantee you he did not invent Tesla Coils to play with. He had a purpose and use for them and that is what no one has asked in about a century. What was he using them for? He wrote it down and if you have the skill set to understand what he said it is not such a mystery. Nikola Tesla used high voltage and particular forms of resonance to confuse and manipulate electron motion for the purpose of tapping Radiant Energy, in modern times known as Zero Point Energy.

Since I met Jim Murray there has been a good deal of work we have done figuring out Tesla’s technology approaches. Switched Energy Resonance being a major break through.

I will be posting on this subject in more detail as time allows.

Paul B.